Renting In West Texas:

The complete guide



So, you’re looking for a rental property in West Texas… you’ve come to the right place.  


It’s important to know the different types of properties in the area. Apartments, condominiums, single-family and multifamily units are all types of properties available in the region known as the Permian Basin. 

Determining the type of property you’ll want will depend on your needs and lifestyle while renting in Odessa. Here are some of the basic property types with information about each of them. 




West Texas has recently seen a huge influx of luxury apartments built. Midland and Odessa have both seen multiple apartment complexes built in the last 5 years. If you’re looking for a nice new apartment, you’ll have no problem finding one here. Our team of agents communicates regularly with apartment communities to stay updated regarding the newest developments in occupancy trends. 

luxury home in odessa texas

Condos & Town Homes

Midland and Odessa both have large developments of modern style condos and town homes.  Midland boasts large winding roads with both condos and town homes. Many of these areas are located close to the loop and some of the major area attractions. Odessa’s townhomes are located on the east side of town which places you closest to the newest restaurants in town. 


Single Family Homes

In the last 5 years, major housing developments have been started in both Midland and Odessa. Some of the country’s premier builders have set their eyes on our prospering communities. Many of these new homes are for rent, waiting for their tenant.  We’ll work diligently for you to find the house that’s right for your needs. Our agents regularly rent these homes. 

Don’t forget that there are multiple housing options specifically designed for students, seniors and those with income limitations. We always encourage our potential clients to check and see if you qualify for special housing. or funding from the federal government, non-profits or housing assistance. 

avoid these renting pitfalls

Below Market Rental Value

If the pricing for the rental you’re looking at is less than half of the value for other properties of a comparable size, it’s probably a scam, or too good to be true. We encourage everyone to do their due diligence when researching rental properties. Reviews are important. 

Poor Communication

Can’t get ahold of your future landlord? Avoid this red flag! You’ll need to get have good communication with your landlord when problems arise. Nothing can be more frustrating than attempting to reach your landlord when you have an emergency. 

No Contract?

So you’ve found the perfect apartment, but the landlord only wants to do a verbal agreement? Should you run?  Probably. A contract protects you as the renter, as well as clearly identifies the expectations of both parties. 

Signs of Neglect

Paint falling off, missing shingles, and weeds in the front yard.  We know… it’s probably the right price and in a good location too. Don’t fall for it. Be aware of the tell-tell signs for a property in disrepair. You’ll want to find a land lord who is diligent about keeping their property in good condition.  

High Tenant Turnover 

Dozens of poor reviews? High tenant turn over? You’ve probably identified the exact type of property that you’ll want to avoid. We like to say, where there’s smoke there’s fire. If you many poor reviews with a common theme, you’ll probably want error on the side of caution and avoid this place like the plague. 

Noisy Areas

It’s no joke to say that Odessa and Midland at times can be very loud. If you find yourself eyeing a location close to a busy intersection, you might reconsider if a quite home is a necessity for you. There are many rural locations that are more suitable if you’re looking for some peace and quiet.